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Draigoch downed!

Very pleased to announce that I have finally done my first Draigoch raid and what a blast it was! I have to say there was much buttock clenching throughout, but we made it through without a huge amount of death!

Got some great loot including my first starlit crystal for my bow, Stringer Fell

, a set of teal shoulder guards, a couple of awesome recipes and the usual item xp etc.

The people I grouped with were awesome, incredibly friendly and very helpful to a newbie raider.

Looking forward to trying this again soon.


Saxlang’s UI

ImageSaxlang’s UI

A shot of my guards UI for the benefit of Leaven.

Jestro Sneak, World Renowned (finally)!

So finally, after 1 year of rep grinding, I made it to World Renowned!


Shawnerose in a barrel

Most of you in the kinship know that Shawn and I go way back, we’ve followed each other through 3 kinships over the years and some may have heard of the Shawn in a barrell incident.

I got a message from her that I needed to get my butt to Ost Cyrn in the Lone Lands. I restrung my bow, grabbed my quiver and ported, ready to take of a horde of ravening orcs. However, what I met was this sight, Shawnerose stuck in a barrel of flesh! I don’t even remember how we got her out – she might have just logged as I pissed myself laughing, but at least I got a photo for the memory!