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Rainbow at Night in Eregion



Release of Isengard and why I’m dusting off my alts

Following the recent release of the latest update in LOTRO, The Rise of Isengard, my initial excitement quickly wore off.

As is often the case with a new release, every player and his brother (along with everyone that stopped playing in the last year) are hitting the new area. Galtrev, the main town in Dunland is laggier than 21st Hall at peak time and I frankly got tired very quickly. My two 65’s, Jestro Hobbit Hunter and Dagathalion, Elven Minstrel ventured through initial quests. Most of my time on Dagathalion, firstly because he is a sought after healer for both the kinship and other groups, secondly because he is a Supreme Master Jeweller and getting him through the new tier of crafting seems wise, and thirdly because of the changes to the Minstrel class and the need to study the new method of gameplay.

But as I say, this soon got tiring, to the point I needed to take a break from LOTRO. 15 days playing EVE on trial, the longest I have been away from LOTRO in the two + years I’ve been playing. The break did me good – gave me a chance to recharge enthusiasm for the game and to let the dust settle, but returning I still found I was jaded with the new area. The apparent mad rush to get to 75 had built to a frenzy and the whole thing just made me tired. I had no intention of rushing content and as a casual gamer with baby hobbit in tow, I was in no rush to get to the new Draigoch Raid.

And so I have reverted to levelling my alts, all of which I enjoy. Storri, my 61 Champion is sitting in Lothlorien, and I’m in no rush to grind through Mirkwood again, so my next choices are my Runekeeper, Jodri and Brynwulf, my Warden. Both interesting classes to play, both at level 44, on the cusp of getting their first Legendary Items, so I intend to get them moving.

Jodri is my first choice, being a scholar, I am keen to get him to the 7th crafting tier and actually be able to mine his own craft materials for the higher tiers.

And so Jodri has ventured back to Angmar, made his way to 45 and has hit the walls of Moria to obtain his first item of power, a shiny new lightening runestone. He will then head back to the beginning of eregion and work his way up.

Brynwulf is about to start Forochel, my favourite zone, and I intend to do as much of the zone as possible, as I did with Jestro.

My other classes will have to wait. Jonhah, my Burglar, Sensible my Captain and Brandenhelm the Loremaster are sitting in the mid 20’s and will eventually get their day. That is unless turbine work a way to give us party play with your own fellowship of characters!