Warner Brothers have announced that Turbine will be releasing the much anticipated Free To Play model for LOTRO on September 2010.

Along with this are a number of changes – the addition of the new area, Enedwaith, a new instance join feature and a number of new skills for some classes.

For players that already pay a subscription or have lifetime accounts, the free to play model shouldn’t change the way you play the game. You ‘ll recieve 500 turbine points a month to spend in the new LOTRO Store as you see fit, and will have all the existing areas unlocked (unlike new free to players who will pay to unlock areas with points.) You will also get a new wardrobe which can be used to store cosmetic items.

There have been a number of naysayers, unhappy about the change, but in my view, change is good. LOTRO is a business and they will move it in whatever direction will make them the most money. If that extra revenue means the game has more resources for development, then us the players can only benefit.

A number of blogs and podcasts have discussed the Free to Play model and the Beta at great length and they are worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Notably, A Casual Stroll to Mordor, Mordor or Bust and The LOTRO Reporter.