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For those of you following the link on my WordPress profile, this is a very old blog that I no longer update (mostly as I rarely play LOTRO anymore.

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Magic Trick

Magic Trick

See how Jestro magically balances a man on the edge of his sword!

RIP Sylidor

Wondered over to Elendelmir to check out the creepside on Saturday, 1st December, only to find a mass of creeps and freeps gathered at Landbridge. Apparently a player from the server, known as Sylidor, a 19 year old, had died of a heart attack earlier in the week and this an ingame memorial service.

I was stunned at the turnout, considering we barely get a dozen people on Windfola moors, this was astounding. Here are a few screenshots:2012-12-02_000062012-12-02_00001


Moonlight over the Moors

Moonlight over the Moors

Grougnock stops in his tracks, stunned by the moonlight

Saxlang, Dwarf Gaurdian hits 75!

Image, Dwarf

Draigoch downed!

Very pleased to announce that I have finally done my first Draigoch raid and what a blast it was! I have to say there was much buttock clenching throughout, but we made it through without a huge amount of death!

Got some great loot including my first starlit crystal for my bow, Stringer Fell

, a set of teal shoulder guards, a couple of awesome recipes and the usual item xp etc.

The people I grouped with were awesome, incredibly friendly and very helpful to a newbie raider.

Looking forward to trying this again soon.

Saxlang’s UI

ImageSaxlang’s UI

A shot of my guards UI for the benefit of Leaven.

Jestro Sneak, World Renowned (finally)!

So finally, after 1 year of rep grinding, I made it to World Renowned!


Old Friend at The Great River!

So I’ve purposely waited for the new area, The Great river to calm down and have bugs ironed out before venturing in with Dagathalion, my 75 Minstrel.

I was pleasantly surprised by the intro quests of Volume 3 Book 6 and came across this lil feller!


Shawnerose in a barrel

Most of you in the kinship know that Shawn and I go way back, we’ve followed each other through 3 kinships over the years and some may have heard of the Shawn in a barrell incident.

I got a message from her that I needed to get my butt to Ost Cyrn in the Lone Lands. I restrung my bow, grabbed my quiver and ported, ready to take of a horde of ravening orcs. However, what I met was this sight, Shawnerose stuck in a barrel of flesh! I don’t even remember how we got her out – she might have just logged as I pissed myself laughing, but at least I got a photo for the memory!